Bring back the good old ‘broke’ days

I went on a date last evening. This date was like no other I’ve been to in the recent past. This date was great (I rarely use this term, I don’t quite know how different it is from ‘good’). I came alive at this date, I laughed so hard, I even forgot I was on a date. 

This date reminded me of my ‘dating’ days. Those were the days when my boyfriend (then) didn’t have much to his name, but had all the time in the world for me. We would go to Centenary Park just to sit, chat and laugh over just a cup of tea and some bites. We didn’t have much to spend then, as we were preparing for our wedding and future, but we sure had love. It was enough to know that we had each other, we loved each other – our world was complete. 

Now back to my great date, I didn’t have to impress my friend, even though it was our first, so I was super normal. The usual butterflies that come with first dates were no where to be found. It was an ice-cream date, and we stuck to just that, and no, my date wasn’t broke, he could actually afford a four-star restaurant, but I chose that place because their ice-cream is surprisingly nice. We sat, talked, laughed and even shared music, things that young lovers do. And no, we ain’t young and neither are we lovers.

And then came the cherry on the cake – the walk. It had been forever since I had taken an after-date walk. Where I’m at now, it’s just right and normal that all the people I go out with drive, so after the meal, we hop into the car, and just twenty minutes later we are saying our good-byes, but not this time. See, my date lives in town, yes, u read that right, he lives along one of the streets in Kampala, so he walks to and fro home all the time. I grabbed this chance to patch up my walking skills, and oh my, it was great! The streets were empty, the weather was perfect for a walk, and trust me nothing beats high school stories on such nights! I felt like I was in one of those high school movie scenes, we even bought a teddy bear from the street – yes, got it for my baby girl. 

Because, unlike my friend, I live out of town, I had to get into a taxi, but the whole way home, I thought about how much I have missed those moments. Moments of being happy, not because of what you have, but who you have. Days where I derived joy from knowing he has me, I have him, and we have it all. Someone please bring back my good old ‘broke’ days! 


3 thoughts on “Bring back the good old ‘broke’ days

  1. I’ve read this smiling…
    Probably you wrote it smiling…
    Great piece.
    You deserve a cold beer on a hot afternoon.

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