When you hide the Word in your heart

Many times I have prayed, “God, help me to hide Your Word, not in my bag, not in my phone, not on my shelf, not under my pillow, not anywhere else, but in my heart…”

Well, He has been faithful enough to help me with that. I did not know when and how soon I would need that ‘hidden Word’ until last night. It was one of those date nights with a friend, and at about 20:15 hours, as we enjoyed the evening stroll (yes, it was another post-date walk :D) to a place where we could get a taxi, a motorcyclist snatched my handbag šŸ˜„ Yes, he took everything I had with me except the paper bag that had the food I had carried away for my friend… yes baby, roll those eyes back and forth, I did that too, wondering why he didn’t snatch the paper bag instead.

Anyway, I screamed my head off, it was like a bad dream that I wanted to wake up from immediately. My friend tried to chase the cyclist, but really, unless God’s hand was on him like it was on Elijah when he ran faster than a chariot in 1 Kings 18:46, there was no way he was going to return with that bag. My shouts, on the other hand, became so loud and urgent that all security guards in the area came out to see what had befallen their usually quiet hood.

Now, when my bag was snatched, I would like to think that the ‘wailing’ was more of a reflex action than anything else. It is all I could do then. I was helpless. So, a few minutes later, reality jetted in, I realized that it actually isn’t a bad dream, everything was happening in the NOW TENSE! I started to remember the contents of the bag, one by one, and with each item I remembered, I wailed even louder. I mean, all items were so dear to me.

Fast forward, three or four hours later, I had painfully accepted that there won’t be WORD FOR TODAY for the next couple of days, and I had left it all in His hand; His will, His bill! But then, I needed to write, I needed to do some more devotionals. That is when it hit me hard that my Bible was also gone šŸ˜„ My precious Leather Anniversary gift wasn’t spared either.

As I mourned for my Bible, the Holy Spirit whispered, “… but you have hidden My Word in your heart.”

My heart leaped, it warmed up, I was smiling at this point. I realized that I actually had enough Word to do devotionals until I am able to either find my cute, little Bible or get a new one. I immediately got out of bed, switched on the lights, very charged up, I got my pen and journal and penned this.

I have since reflected on how that ‘hidden Word’ came in handy on my way home. Now that I look back, the whole time I prayed, it was in the Word, no wonderĀ the peace of the Lord has been guarding my heart ever since. InĀ When you hide the Word in your heart -2Ā I will share the particular scriptures that kept me smiling and going even when I did not have any access to my house then.


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