A time to breath


I am home, seated on the couch, thinking about my day, wondering how the people and things on-line are doing since I have been off. I can’t stop imagining how many people have sent messages asking for their WORD FOR TODAY. I can’t stop imagining how many people have called on my numbers only to be replied by that not-so-kind girl, “the number you have called is not available at the moment, please try again later!“(rolls eyes).

This is not anything like my everyday evening, I am usually up and about the internet, catching up with friends after a long day’s work. I never have this quality couch time. I never have time to think about the people that hold these places in my heart. I am always online connecting with them yet in actual sense my heart is disconnecting from them (this will be another post altogether, how we need to disconnect to connect).

Today, I have breathed, I have reflected, I have meditated on the goodness of the Lord. Naturally, I would be ‘mad’ at God for letting this happen to me, but not this time round. There is this joy and peace that I can’t put in words. I am more confident of Romans 8:28, than I have ever been, this is surely working for my good.

I finally have a time to breathe!

*Romans 8:28 ~ “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”


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