If Satan had known…

If Satan had known what he was doing when he crucified the Lord of glory on the Cross, he would have never done it. He thought the crucifixion was his greatest victory, but it was actually his ultimate defeat.

If Satan had known what he was doing when he arranged for that beating in which Jesus received thirty nine stripes on his back… when he incited the soldiers to make that crown of thorns and press it into Jesus’ scalp until Blood ran down His face and into His beard… when he pierced His hands and feet and later His sides… when he made arrangements for the bloodshed that redeemed God’s man, he would certainly never have done it.

As believers we receive power, healing, deliverance and protection when we apply the Blood of Jesus by faith, asking the Lord to cover us, our loved ones, etc in His Blood. No wonder Satan hates the Blood. No wonder he is afraid of the Blood. If he had known what he was doing, he would never have shed that innocent Blood. But it was done once and for all, and it can never be undone.

He did not enter by means of the blood of goats and calves; but He entered the Most Holy Place once and for all by His own Blood, so obtaining eternal redemption ~ Hebrews 9:12


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