Christmas in Solitude 

“Christmas in solitude? What on earth is that?” asked one of my girls, rolling her eyes 🙄

“It’s exactly that,” I smiled back.

I knew no one was going to understand that I had chosen to spend Christmas all by myself, but that was okay. I was determined to be Deliberately Selfish after reading that great book by Bahati Hilda.

Truth be told, I have a crush on that girl🙈. It’s very rare that I have #WomanCrushes, but this one has me smitten. I admire her, her zeal and love for life, not just hers, but everyone else’s. She has this desire in her that everyone gets to that place where their potential is all out and to full use. Between me and you, she is on my to-stalk list 2017…ssssshhhhh…she shouldn’t know this🤐

Anyway, I began planning this ‘Christmas in Solitude’ like two months prior. I started planning on where my babies would be. I started coming up with stories to tell my mom when she calls asking for the menu. I started looking out for which of the highways from Kampala I should take.

By early December the babies were sorted, I had worked out something with their dad. It was perfect. I was now left with my mom and family to deal with. I just didn’t know how I would break the news of my being away this time round. For as far as I remember, Christmas has always been a family affair. We are all together at Mom’s, except my baby brother who was on duty most of the time.

So I went mute until one morning when the long awaited and dreaded call came through. It was about two weeks to Christmas, but there was no ‘activity’ whatsoever.

“So what do you have on the menu this time round?” asked mummy after asking how I was doing.

Just in case you missed the memo, I’m the family chef. Yes, I am she💁🏽 I love doing it, especially because they all enjoy my delicacies. Each one clears their plate… all chefs know how satisfactory and fulfilling that is.

“Er…rm… uhmmmm…” I tried to look for words, “I won’t be around.”

“Huh?” I could hear the shock in mum’s voice, “where are you going?”

Now, I didn’t have the slightest idea of what to tell her as I, too, wasn’t sure of where I was going.

“Somewhere,” I replied sheepishly, making her believe I have a very juicy secret.

“Oh, okay…” I could sense the disappointment in her tone. I knew she was going to miss me. I’m sure she wanted to stop me from going, but she knew it was too late.

After that call, I celebrated jumping over my hardest hurdle of the season. I knew I was good to ‘go’… planning for my ‘journey’. I weighed all my options, and surprisingly my house beat all destinations. Yes, I chose to celebrate Jesus’ birthday just the two of us, and my oh my, it was memorable! Naturally, I’m charged up by people, so I would be lying if I said it was the best Christmas ever. However, I enjoyed every bit of it!

About three days to Christmas Mom called again, “So, when are you leaving?”

“I’m working until the 23rd, so I guess I will be leaving on the 24th”

“Where are you headed to?”

I hesitated. I didn’t know how to tell her that I will be at my house.

She interrupted my thoughts, “don’t worry I won’t ask you to take me with you”

Lots of ‘lies’ went through my mind and then I chose the best and most believable, “Mom, I will tell you when I return”

I didn’t think I would get off the hook that easily, but I did and before long, the call ended.

Moments later, my brother calls, I knew what this was about, so I came up with answers before I picked his call 😀 When he asked where I was going, I boldly told him Masindi. I have never been there, I don’t even know anyone close that side. I was amused, however, at his fears about my destination…😃😃😃 it got me thinking how much he loves me, even though he may not say it often.

Fast forward, the long planned-for day was here. It was Christmas morning 🌞The sun was beautifully bright, all creation seemed to be in a very good mood. It was surely the King’s Birthday.

One small glitch however, I was down. I sort of regretted choosing solitude over all the people that loved me. I remembered the most recent Christmas and I missed my babies terribly, I just couldn’t hold back the tears 😭 I picked up the phone, rang my babies, it wasn’t answered. I felt a pang in my heart… it hurt. I worried. I wanted them here. I wanted to be the one to serve them that signature Christmas breakfast.

Thankfully at about that time, my phone rang and it was them. They were already on their way to church. They were well fed, I didn’t want to go into the details of what. I spoke to each one of them, and as usual Annabelle was my highlight.

“So, how do you look this morning?” I asked

“I look like a ‘Printhetha‘ (read princessa, from Telenovela)” she responded in her deep, husky voice, at a pace of 3 words per minute.

Oh, that was enough for me to go through the day! They were alright and happy, that’s all that mattered.

I spent my day working. Yeah, and before you frown, it wasn’t your usual office work, nope, I was doing something I really love, I was writing 😊😊😊 And by the time I got tired, I was done with devotionals for two whole months. I know right, I deserve a medal 🎖😉

I had a great time writing from the very heart of the Birthday Boy. I can’t wait to read the responses to those particular devotionals. They are the beautiful fruit of my first Christmas alone. I’m not sure I would choose it again, but I’m not promising it won’t happen again either😜


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