Who I am

Maybe I lost someone I never expected to lose.

Maybe I lost myself, that is even worse!

Maybe my bad days just won’t let up.

Maybe when I look in the mirror I can not recognize myself anymore.

Maybe I thought I had finally got it right with this one person and then he walked out on me.

My mind is filled up with all these ‘maybes’ that could correctly define me right now, but I also know what I am and what I am not.

I am not the sum of my past mistakes.

I am not damaged goods.

I am not muddy from my failed explorations.

I am not the opinion of someone who does not know me.

I am a product of the lessons that I have learnt.

I am wiser because I went through something terrible and learnt from it.

I am stronger because they tried to break me, but they did not.

I am a woman that has survived  a host of storms.

I am a woman that has fallen down a couple of times, risen up, shook it off and walked right on.

I am living proof that pain makes one stronger and rainstorms cleaner.

I am a strong woman!



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