I said YES

It’s been many years now I have known of this Man’s interest in me He has sent messengers my way All with the same message The message of love   He has relentlessly pursued me With love He has reached out to me He even learnt my love language He ensured He spoke it so [...]


Love Letters-6

Why i write I write at 7am when i wake up beacause i miss you because i am greatful for a new day because the sun woke me up because it nolonger feels empty inside I wite at 10am because I am think… Source: Love Letters-6

Why we should speak in tongues

Speaking in tongues is what is called praying in the Spirit. You have heard many men and women of God imploring us to speak in tongues in fellowships, prayer meetings and such gatherings. Today, I will share some of the benefits of speaking in tongues: 1. Makes prayer easy and enjoyable Likewise, the Spirit also helps [...]