I said YES


It’s been many years now

I have known of this Man’s interest in me

He has sent messengers my way

All with the same message

The message of love


He has relentlessly pursued me

With love He has reached out to me

He even learnt my love language

He ensured He spoke it so fluently

I attribute all of my best gifts to Him

All this He did because He loved me


But even then, I disregarded Him

Him and I aren’t a good match,” I muttered

I love playing, He won’t be there when I need to

He won’t tickle me so I won’t laugh out loud

He is just not my type,” I convinced myself

Yet again I rejected His love


He still loved me as much

So much that He let me be, He pestered me not

He watched me fall in love with another man

He stood by as I gave my heart away

He was there as I celebrated every one of the milestones

He did not leave even when we hit the down lows


He watched me as I fell in and out of love

With the different men that I thought loved me much more than He did

He watched me basking in the love

That each one of them showered me with

He was right there when I cried my eyes out

As each of them walked out on me

Leaving my broken heart bleeding with pain


This man did not give up on me

He offered His shoulder for me to cry on

It was then that I noticed His consistency

I realized that when He says He loves me, He actually means it

I however wondered if it wasn’t too late

I wondered if He still was interested in me


I got up, walked right to Him

And before I could say any thing

He made it clear that He still wanted me

He still longed for my heart

He was fully aware of its state

But He asked for it anyway

And I said YES to Him


I am excited about it

No ordinary man would accept a heart in pieces

It would be too much baggage for them

No ordinary man would accept a history like mine

Who would want to be one of the scores?


But this man overlooked all that

His love covered it all

He embraced me

He made me know that He loves me

He has always done and always will


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jesus Christ, The Lover of my soul

His love for me knows no bounds!


5 thoughts on “I said YES

  1. I’m walking in on this from the other end. I now realize that my longing over the girls I used to pursue, and whom never returned my interest, is the same longing the Savior feels for them – and for me.

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