My favorite childhood toy

From the time I saw this, I could not stop thinking of how I will let the world know what my favorite toy was. At some point, I thought I should just say I had no toys, which was true to a larger extent. There were more pressing needs for Mother dearest to meet for the four of us than toys, and we were still happy.

Onto my favorite toy; it was a doll made from banana fibers… yes, that there was my favorite toy and I will tell you why. See, with my Fiber Barbie, I could have her as and when I wanted. If I woke up one morning when my brothers have squashed my baby, I would always run to the banana plantation and make me another. I could replicate and reproduce my toy as and whenever I wanted, hence making it my favorite.

also, my Barbie needed no clothes as she was dressed ‘naturally’. Below is a picture of the complete Fiber Barbie family

download (4)


2 thoughts on “My favorite childhood toy

  1. hahaha…..atleast mine was a tea pot it could explain my love for tea. i however owned a doll called Stella. It was my first plastic Doll bought by my sister

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