My guilty pleasures

  1. Listening to guys with an accent speak. Now, this isn’t discriminative, all accents work for me, even the ones from Western Uganda…hehehehehe
  2. Staring at cute guys, especially when they are presenting something. Oh, if this was a crime, I do not know how much time I would be doing in prison now. Please note, I only stare, I never touch!
  3. Dancing in my house to loud music. Yes, I am not so good a dancer, so I love doing it when no one is watching. Sometimes I dance to RnBs, pretending like I am with someone, and we are whispering into each other’s ears.
  4. I am addicted to my phone. This isn’t a secret anymore. I can zone everyone out and just stick to my Ms. iPhone. Time away from my phone cripples me in a way.
  5. I love eating cereal or wafers or chocolate as a midnight snack. Yea, I do this a lot when I am sleepless.
  6. Spider solitaire and Farm Hero saga; hehehehehehe… someone may walk in my office and think I am so serious working on something, yet I am busy calculating my next move.
  7. Undress besides the bed, step out of the clothes, makes me feel like I am in a movie scene…hihihihihihi… this I do always. Never dreamt of acting though

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