My day in bullets

  • Wake up and stagger out of bed
  • Thank God I am up
  • Send out WORD FOR TODAY
  • Choose what to wear
  • Hit the shower
  • Be out after 5 minutes
  • Call my boda man
  • Dress up, and then spend like 10mins combing hair
  • Swiiiiiii… off I go onto the boda
  • Get to office 27mins later
  • Read emails
  • Hand in pending assignments (just done this)
  • Get onto Facebook and Twitter
  • Do today’s Blog Challenge
  • Now that it is done, going to do some correspondences
  • Have prayer time at 1pm
  • Make decotionals and do some social media in the afternoon
  • See my sister later
  • Attend mid-week service at church
  • Go do Easter weekend shopping
  • Go home
  • Prepare and have a meal
  • Be on Whatsapp, etc
  • Check on tomorrow’s devo
  • Shower
  • Pray
  • Sleep

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