A place I would love to visit????

The white sand beaches I always dream running along, with Bae right behind memainpic-beach-2

… but what kind of question is this? Isn’t it obvious that it is The Bahamas? Well, there, you have it. I would wanna visit The Bahamas, in fact, I am already saving up for that trip to The Bahamas.

I dream about the The Bahamas so much that my girls and I call ourselves The Bahamas. In our world, we are The Bahamas. Thinking of it now, what does it even mean? Astar, Gaby, Karen, Pauline and Saidat come explain.

Well… I wanna go to The Bahamas for a vacation with the girls, and then have my 40th BD celebrations in The Bahamas, together with my husband and babies.

Ps. The repetition is on purpose… Bible readers know how faith comes about…wink wink


8 thoughts on “A place I would love to visit????

      1. There is a ferry that goes there daily from Nassau, (I think it was about a two hour sail), but tI think there are also flights direct from Nassau to Eleuthera too -probably much quicker!! I hope you do get to visit the Bahamas, it is the one holiday destination that reduced me to tears with the beauty of it’s beaches (can’t explain why!!!) , and I had tears when the plane was taking off to return to the UK lol – I really love that place and can’t wait to get back there again some day. Do enjoy Liz 🙄

      2. Awwwwwwwwww… your tear banks must be just below the lid like mine😄 I imagine the beauty there of… I shall come to the Bahamas… and I sure will enjoy. Thank you so much for the heads up dear Cherryl

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