The contents of THAT Alabaster Jar


Scripture Reference ~Matthew 26:6-13

On this day 2017 years ago, a woman reached into her chest and picked out the jar of her choicest perfume, went over to a friend’s house, broke the jar and poured out all the contents on the feet of Jesus, wiping them with her hair. Selah.

Each time I would read about this woman, I couldn’t stop wondering what was happening to her. Why would she do that? What inspired her to pour out her expensive alabaster on the feet of Jesus? I then discovered that this was the same woman that Jesus had saved from the angry, self-righteous mob.

See, this woman was caught in adultery, and by law, she was to be stoned to death. I imagine when she came before Jesus, the Rabbi, she was expecting to be sentenced right away, but no! Jesus is love, love knows better than not to forgive.

As she bowed her head, she kept on waiting for the ‘sting’ of the first stone thrown her way… she waited and waited and waited… one by one she heard her accusers drop their stones and walk away. She kept waiting… she was guilty of breaking the Law, she had no idea grace had been revealed.

Love was standing right before her, but she didn’t recognize Him. And then she heard Him say, “Then neither do I condemn you, go now and leave your life of sin” ~ John 8:11

When you read this portion of scripture, you realize only Jesus could condemn her, because he told them, “Let anyone of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her” ~ John 8:7. He alone was without sin, but He condemned her not!

Back to this day 2017 years ago, this woman, Mary, must have replayed this scene in her head. She must have imagined what would have befallen her that day hadn’t it been for Jesus’ intervention. So she broke the jar that contained her most expensive perfume, and as she poured it out, it wasn’t just alabaster… no… she was pouring out her gratitude, her praise, her adoration, her worship upon the One that deserved it all. The One reason she was alive to see that day.

As we celebrate Easter this year, look through your life. I am sure there are things and places you would never have walked through hadn’t it been for Jesus to intervene. There are habits that would have you bound by now if Jesus hadn’t come into your life. Now that you have done that, pour out your best praise to Him. Just thank Him. Worship Him. Adore Him. No one earth deserves all that, break your alabaster jar and pour it all out on Him.

Happy Easter Holidays!



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