15 not-so-interesting random facts about me


  1. I am the last born at home, but when I am out here I suffer from the ‘big-sister syndrome’. I treat my friends like I were their big sister or even mum at times.
  2. Mid-last year I received an instruction from God to share daily devotionals with my contacts on WhatsApp, but as time passed by, I realized it is a life-long calling. So I have to have WORD FOR TODAY everyday of my life, and as such I spend lots of time reading the Bible so I get a Word to share.
  3. I tear when I am happy, I tear when I am sad. My friends Pauline and Saidat have failed to get her small heads around that.
  4. My best friend got married to my ex and I was her maid of honour… and we are still best friends 7 years later.
  5. I prefer writing in a book than typing my thoughts out. When I die, my babies and grandbabies will have so much of me hidden in those journals.
  6. I have been journaling since I was 14.
  7. I hate washing dishes so much that I would rather not cook at all than having to clean up after.
  8. This is one that really confuses me; my maid of honour threw me out the moment she realized I was having issues in my marriage. It has been 1 year and 8 months since I quit, but she has never said a thing about it to me, never called to find out how I am doing…hmmmm…I find it so strange.
  9. I had always wanted to give birth to twins, I prayed for them many years before I even got married, and God, in His faithfulness, gave me a set.
  10. I love undressing right besides my bed, then I step out of the clothes and leave them down there, it makes me feel like I am in a movie scene (hides face behind palms)
  11. I took my first glass of wine last month, it was purely adventure… hehehehe… I was happy that I did something for the first time in a long while!
  12. The devotionals talked about in #2, I make them months prior, like today I am working on the ones of October 2017.
  13. I am a WhatsApp addict, I am not so sure if it is bad or good, but I just can’t spend 30mins (when not praying) off. Do I need help?
  14. I am Church Administrator at Eden Revival Church Wandegeya, and also the Secretary to the Bishop.
  15. I still pray for the father of my babies, I mean, how am I supposed to pray for my babies and leave their dad out? He is a big part of their lives.

One thought on “15 not-so-interesting random facts about me

  1. 8, has also puzzled me..its like enjoying the flight without paying the ticket. God keep those far from me
    11: if u accept my (never will be published interview. Just to borrow some wisdom) I will buy the next glass
    15: I still pray for my ex’s bse they groomed apart of me. I mean how do I be great Sharon with no past.

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