My highs and lows this past year

I took this happiness craze to another level…hihihihihi… I decided to give love another chance

The highs have been more than the lows, unlike the previous year and I am thankful to God.

It was last year that I fully accepted what had befallen me, picked up my broken pieces, straightened myself up, put the head straight on my shoulders and moved on. It was last year that I decided to be happy again, I remembered a truth that I had so often sang about; “I am responsible for my own happiness” and I lived it once again.

I took this happiness craze to another level…hihihihihi… I decided to give love another chance, and then two months later I realized I was not ready at all…now this was a low… but thankfully I am past that.

Last year, I decided to be me again and I met some awesomely amazing people. I went out there and made new friends in high places, I am so happy with myself. See, my networth is my network…

A very important high was every moment I spent with my babies, the three little hearts walking outside my body. Those little beings make my life complete, just a mere thought of them makes me smile like I am now.

And then came my friends, the girls (my inner circle) that have held my hand all the way. See, it is not easy to be seen in public with someone of ‘low moral standards’, I mean, what Christian walks out of her marriage? Many of my married friends ran for their dear marriages, probably thinking what happened to me was contagious, but my girls never left. Every moment I spent with them was a high for me, and it doesn’t matter if it was to vent, cry, celebrate or just ‘gossip’…

I thought I would leave this out, but nah… the dates I went for also were my highs. It was good feeling those feelings again. Some of them were the real deal of doors being opened, chairs pulled out for me…really, I had my high moments… and I am thankful.

And onto the lows, would you believe me if I told you that I do not quite remember them? Well, I don’t think I remember them all, but one that sticks out were each moment I said bye to my babies. These were so emotional that all four of us would just break down in tears. I would then go into hours or a day of depression.

And then the season I was getting to terms with the fact that Soulja Boy and I were no more. Thinking of it, I think I really loved this guy coz why would I be that hurt? Yea, it was a low for me…

Well, that is it for my highs and lows, I am now on a higggghhhhh roller coaster, I have no plans of coming down. Even when I should, I shall pretend I haven’t seen and keep high…


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