Fireproof the movie


Today it is about a movie I can watch over and over again and not get sick of. And rightly so, I lost count of the number of times I have watched Fireproof.

I have watched it so many times that I can almost recite Caleb’s and Catherine’s lines. I can sing all the soundtracks by heart. I am terrible at narrating movies, but for this particular one, I can narrate it for you anytime from the start to the finish.

I think the reason I love it so much, there are lines that spoke to me then, and still do each time I watch the movie. One such lines is: Never leave your partner, especially in the fire. Wow! The other is a line in one of the songs: Love is not a fight, but something worth fighting for. There are too many, won’t list them all lest I preempt for those of you who are yet to watch it.

There is a wealth of good advice for troubled relationships. You may want to check out this movie, even if it is all rosy for you now. Planning to watch it again this weekend… let me stock up on popcorn…did I mention that I cry each time?


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