How I have changed in the last two years

How have I changed since 2015?

Well, firstly, I was married then, I am now single.

Then, my schedule has changed a lot… those days I would be in bed by 10:30pm and up by 5:30am to prepare Adonai and Huby for school and work, these days, I go to bed way past midnight and wake up at 7:00am

My most important change has been a great improvement in my relationship with God. Don’t we all just run to God when the world is closing in on us? Well, I did too those dark days in the last quarter of 2015, and I am happy it became a lifestyle for me. I spend so much time with God, reading the Word, praying, just enjoying a Father-daughter relationship, and I love it. That WORD FOR TODAY that comes to your phone everyday is as a result of this beautiful change.

My friends have also mentioned that I look better these days, someone told me and I quote, “Like fine wine, I get better with age…” and I believe them, I mean, I have a mirror.

This picture clearly brings it out the change for the better


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