It all happened so fast!

How could it all happen in just 36hours?

They were all happy about having each other in their lives.

He looked up to her. He still does.

And then they got so fond of each other, so fast that there was need for intervention.

Yea, it was the right thing to do, but how could a fire so hot and bright immediately turn so cold?

And now, he has so much to say to her 

But he doesn’t know how to dress it up well enough to suit where they are at now 

He picks up the phone, He types… and then deletes, he types again… reads through, and then deletes again 

He is not sure it is appropriate. 

No, she hasn’t told him anything, but he feels it… his 7th (not even 6th) sense is at work

But even as he goes through this, he really hopes it is just paranoia

He really hopes all this is just some craziness in his head

Because he is so lost right now


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