“My mom is a Pastor…yay!”

My days are long, my nights very short and I am surprised I am not yet at that point where I complain… and I don’t think I will get there.

See, a lot has happened in the past two years. I have grown a great deal, both physically, I mean, I leaped over into the mighty thirties… I have grown emotionally; today I just smile at things that I would fuss over two years ago. The other day I was thinking about life and I posted, “life did not get any better, I became stronger!” There has also been tremendous intellectual growth ; my boss can attest to this, and I have grown so much spiritually… and here is how.

The other week, we had a Women’s Conference at our church, and I was honored to be the lead interpreter. Have u seen the #1 pointer to  my spiritual growth? You know an interpreter is a preacher in a different language, right?

Now, one morning as I prepared to go for the conference, I asked my babies to help me choose what to wear. So, Adonai chose a dress for me and I asked, “Is this fit for the pulpit?”

“The pulpit?” he asked with shock. He must have been wondering what his mom has gotto do with a pulpit in the middle of the week.

“Yes, I am an interpreter this whole week,” I responded without waiting for any further questions

“Mom, are you a pastor?” he asked. I could read the shock from his little eyes.

“No!” I denied frantically. Those that have been around me for some time know how much I do not like to be associated with that title, and it is all because I just can’t handle the responsibility that comes with being one. I just kent… I kennat!

“Yes you are!” he said all excited, “and I will tell all my friends that my mom is a Pastor!”

Yes, I froze just like you did. I was not about to argue with a five year old about that, we all know who would win in the end. He immediately went out to tell his brother and sister about his great discovery that early morning. He even forgot about the fact that we were choosing for mummy what to wear.

Anyway, me on the other hand, a lot was going on in my head. Firstly, I remembered the pride with which he said “my mom is a pastor” and I thought, “why do I ‘hate’ being a pastor so much?” “Why do I act like it is the worst thing that can ever happen to me?” And since I had no answer to those questions, I decided that from then, when someone addresses me as pastor, I will always remember Adonai’s smile that morning and smile back at them.


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