Sons of Adam

The truth about the passivity of men…Back to the garden of Eden; where is Adam while the serpent is tempting Eve? He is standing right there.

She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and ate it ~ Genesis 3:6

The Hebrew for “with her” means right there, elbow to elbow. Adam isn’t away in another part of the forest; he has no alibi. He is standing right there, watching the whole thing unravel. What does he do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. He says not a word, doesn’t lift a finger. He won’t risk, he won’t fight, he won’t rescue Eve.

Our first father – the first real man – gave in to paralysis. He denied his very nature and went passive. And every man after him, every son of Adam, everyday. They won’t risk, they won’t fight and they won’t rescue Eve. They are truly a chip off the old block.


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