How I gave my would-be husband away – 14

Life went on, introduction and wedding preparations were in high gear as we had just a week in between. Thank God all went well and before long my friends said ‘I DO’ to each other. It was a great function, we held the reception at Sheraton Kampala Hotel, now that had been Angela’s childhood dream, and Tony did not object to it. We had a great day right from church, then pictures, then reception, oh how we danced! It was all good until time came for the speech from Angela’s friends, that girl had chosen me to be the one to speak. I had tried to convince her otherwise, but she insisted I do, after all it was me that brought her Tony. I accepted, and now had to come up with a relevant speech. I had spent time trying to come up with a speech, I came up with three different ones, I was just left to choose which one would work. By the time I was called upon, I had not yet chosen, so I decided to go live. I just spoke from my heart, by the time I was done I was in tears, and so was Angela. She came down and we hugged. We went back to the table together, and the MC mentioned that he had been at many weddings, but he had never heard such a moving speech like mine. Did I mention that the parents on both sides gave me a standing ovation? Well, I also surprised myself. The wedding went on and at about 10:00pm we were done, the best man and I had been assigned to ensure the gifts got to the couple’s home safe, so our day was not yet done really. We saw our bride and groom off to their suite when everyone else had left, and then drove in my car behind the car that had the gifts, and the best man’s wife behind us. By the time we got done with everything it was about 1:00am, we each retired to our homes. I was so tired, fatigued, beat, but happy the day we had all looked forward to had come and gone very successfully.

I had taken the next week off so I could rest. I rested Sunday, but had to pick up the couple Monday by 9:00am and drive them to the airport for their honeymoon destination. Humanly speaking, sometimes there would be streaks of jealousy, but always tried my level best to keep them hidden. Remember Tony and I had a very brief history that Angela was unaware of. This was a secret I would go with to the grave. I could not allow my BFF suspect anything. When I dropped them off, I still could not stop thinking, “this would have been me.” I remembered Tony’s words that Wednesday evening at Amagara, how he could not understand why I had not chosen him. My decision then came back to haunt me that day, it was not cool at all. Lucky for me, I would not get minute by minute updates of their honeymoon as we had agreed that they take all pics they want, but stay off the internet so they enjoy their stay at the Seychelles Islands.

Soon after, the two weeks passed and I went picked them up from the airport, it was then that I realized that I had missed my girl so much, but then I had to get used to it. She was now married, so our lives really had to change. I spent that afternoon at theirs as we unwrapped the gifts and tried to put their house in order. She had moved in before the wedding, but had not organized anything. We were so close, Tony knew that and respected it as well, so I could freely go into their bedroom, I however tried avoiding it as time went by, though at times it was inevitable. We made a list of people who had brought gifts because they had to call them up and thank them, when all that was done, I drove back to my house even though Angela wanted me to stay so she could tell me all about their honeymoon. I left under the pretext of they need to bond and get used to their home, but it was really a matter of, “I am not sure how I will react to some of the details.” I had asked her that we talk on chat, there it has always been easy for me to hide behind my phone.


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