How I gave my would-be husband away – Finale

They had each taken a month’s leave from office, one week was before the wedding, two weeks for honeymoon, and then one more week at home. It was now done, and they had to go back to office. At ours, everyone was so happy to have Tony back, he had recognized the company at the wedding, they had even given us a cake. That day people flooded our department just to say Congrats to the newly wedded Tony. Life was normal until one afternoon when Angela texted me that she isn’t feeling too well, but I should not tell Tony yet. She wanted me to go with her to hospital and find out what was wrong. She suspected she was pregnant, but didn’t want to tell Tony because their plan was to have babies after two years. Before they went for honeymoon, he had asked her repeatedly if all was okay, and she had told him she was in her safe days. I told Tony I was stepping out and would be back in a bit. I picked her from office and we went to hospital, the moment she said what she was feeling, they sent her to the laboratory for HCG and malaria tests and the former came out positive. Oh how excited I was! I was going be an auntie, her on the other side, she was scared. She felt like she had disappointed Tony. I told her that Tony would be so happy at the news she would even get shocked, after a long time, I finally convinced her. So we agreed to go together to my office and break the news there, and like I had projected, Tony was so happy! He carried her in his arms, swung her around his office, he was so excited. Angela was shocked and happy at the same time at Tony’s reaction.

Once again, I braced myself for this journey. Except for the antenatal sessions in hospital, I had to be there with her for every other thing. I had made a decision to be her matron for life, I knew it would be me to stand by her at every stage in her life, and somehow God has given me the grace to. I knew almost everything that went on in that house, the good and the bad. I had given Angela no reason not to trust me, I mean this relationship we had built for years. We prepared for the coming of their bundle of joy, and soon it was time for Baby Isaiah to be born. Angela had kept me updated on whatever was happening, she had had some pains the night before, but we had read about Brixton kicks, and we believed it was them. We however decided they go to hospital with Tony the next morning, I told Tony to let me know in case of anything. It was about 11:40am when I received a text from Tony, “she is in labor” Ho! I dropped everything I was doing and made my way to Nakasero Hospital. I called Angel’s mum, who had told me she was not able to make it to hospital that day, but she would pray for smooth labor, and then get on the earliest bust the next morning. I got to hospital and I could see Tony relieved that I was there, he was not sure of what to do, neither was I, but at least I was there with him. Angela too, despite the pain and all, she was so comforted that I was there with her. Lucky for her, it took her about 6 hours, it was 5:53pm when she pushed Baby Isaiah out. Oh what joy for all of us! We were given the night for observation and told if all is well by morning, we would be discharged, and that’s how it was. It was much easier as compared to the stories we’d heard about first children. Now back to last weekend, we had thought it would be the same for Baby Israella, but God had different plans altogether. Thank God we went through it safe and sound.

So there I was on my way back to my house, alone, not sure if lonely, but one thing I was sure of were the feelings of regret. I kept on thinking to myself, “this would have been me,” “I would be Mrs. Mwesigwa,” “I would be mother to Isaiah and Israella.” This is the reason why I cried, I sighed, I laughed. This feeling far superseded the fatigue and sleep indebtedness. To date, I sometimes can’t help, but feel that I gave my would-be husband away to my BFF. And I also think this could be the reason why I have totally failed to get me someone and settle. I have met some incredibly awesome men, but I somehow keep on comparing them with Mr. Mwesigwa, and there goes the ‘feeling’ out the window. Did I love Tony? Yes, a lot, but my relationship with Angela was far more important and worthwhile. It was then and it still is today.


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