It is exactly a month today since I re-met my friend, a moody man. Re-met because we had met way before, became very good friends, best of friends in fact, and then broke up. Yeah, even friends break up, and I think it is even worse than the other break up y’all know. We also re-met because when we broke up he asked that I forget all about my friend and move on with my life like I had never met him, since the Dennis (not real name) I had met and grown so close to didn’t exist any more. If that is not being moody, then I don’t know how to describe it.

Fast forward three weeks later, I had nursed my as-if-broken heart. I can’t deny the fact that Dennis and I had gotten a little meshed up together (refer to TNS May 24th 2018), and our break up bruised my heart ish ish. I had however managed to live like I had never met him and I was managing really well. I had made me some good friends while he was away, yeah… I was good! So while I was there minding my business he showed up from nowhere. See, I saw him and ignored him, I mean did he still exist? Nope. I was told he was no more and I was living by that. Well, he followed me around and asked I say Hello, and now here I am, a month later wishing I had followed prior instructions because it is true the Dennis I knew was no more and I was yet to find out.

Like all people who love each other much and then create a situation to break up, the mixed emotions of joy, anger, happiness and the sweet pain of our re-union was through the roof. I can feel those emotions even now. I wanted to punch him for breaking up with me the way he did, and yet I kept on hugging him for being back. I then had all these questions about everything and yet he had literally no answers… It was something very hard to describe. Whatever I felt was so intense that it took me like a day or so to digest, and when I finally did, we prepared for a road trip which, till today, is one of those to remember. Now since this had been brought forward from the previous season, we agreed it happens as soon as could be because we just weren’t sure of when our next break up would be and so two days later we were off to the South.

We decided to use public means because we had a lot of catching up to do yet we had just twelve hours together… It was just us going wherever, get there, eat, catch a few sights and sounds and then get back. I remember telling him that I was making all the memories I could since a moment like that wasn’t promised considering the moody guy he is (I never told him this bit though). Thinking of this, I sure deserve a pat on the back for my fore-telling abilities, because it’s just a month later and we’ve already had like two weeks of silent break up, not to mention the silent week we had a few days after the trip. Just so you know, all these silent moments start and end by him. He is moody, right? I thought so.

So this morning as I sat down to reminisce on the past one month, what I have been through with Dennis stood out tall. It has been so much that I had to recollect almost each incidence and I concluded that he is actually a very moody man. Exactly a month ago, he was so excited to have me back in his life that he couldn’t stop staring in my eyes… He says he reads a lot of things that I don’t speak, and he is right, because he then tells me my thoughts just like that. So that day it was a happy mood for him.

Two days later it was that trip to remember, oh, it was many different moods for him altogether. I saw regret at some point, I saw happiness, I saw sadness, I saw rest, I saw him from many angles so I just decided to read as much as I could each time he kept quiet to take in the scenery. About six days later I cracked what I thought was a joke… For the Dennis I knew, it was a joke, we would have laughed and even broke some ribs, but waaah! Dude got mad and that’s when I confirmed that the Dennis I knew didn’t exist anymore. I remember sending like a thousand apologies, and was blue-ticked! Well, I couldn’t take it any longer, I waited for him around the corner. After about six days he decided he had missed me enough and couldn’t take it any more, I had also come up with a plan. I gave him audience, he explained to me whatever it was, I honestly didn’t understand much of what he was saying, but I remember him saying we start all over again… Hehehehehe… My moody friend, only I can handle.

Anyways, I had hatched up a plan and I had to execute it come what may. So when I was sure he was done explaining himself I blocked him! Since it was late night, he thought I had dosed off or something, only for him to realise the next morning that he could not get through to me. Oh how he panicked! I could tell by the calls that came through to my phone that Wednesday all day! Dude called till I had to put my phone in silence… I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine, but he wasn’t about to let me be. Anyway, much later that evening, please note he hadn’t stopped calling me, I picked and asked him if all was okay with him. I mean, how could he call me like I had gone with his kidney or some other vital organ? However, it was on that day that I realised how much I mean (or meant) to him, but he is just too moody to show it most of the time, and he can’t help it. Looking back, I now know there were a myriad of moods in that particular incidence, confirming surely that my friend is really really really moody. Also before you judge me, please remember I’m a woman and we are entitled to being moody anytime anywhere, but what excuse does Dennis have?

Anyway, because it was Dennis, after a few hours of him explaining himself, we talked, I unblocked him and even joked that it’s because I love him truly that I blocked him. I read somewhere that it was never true love if you were never blocked! And just when I thought we had grown past that, another interesting topic comes up about two weeks ago… his love life actually. I don’t remember exactly what got him pissed, all I know is we haven’t talked since then. Do I care? Oh yes I do… Like I said earlier, either I love you or I don’t, there are no grey areas for me. I love Dennis, so I care that it’s one of those moods of his. Am I looking forward to his return? Nope. No. Nedda. I think I have seen this guy in 5D, and I’m full. I used to think all guys are macho on the inside, but nah, they all aren’t the same, some, like my dear friend Dennis, are moody. In fact, I am still shaking my head at how guys put up with women with all our moods.


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