Of poisonous mushrooms


I love Psalm 23 so much, I have always loved it. First it was because it was the first complete chapter I ever memorized way back in Sunday school, then as I grew up in the Lord the revelation kept on becoming deeper and better, and today, I just love Psalm 23 and I will share one of my very many revelations.

The entire Psalm is summarized well in the first part of verse 1, everything else He does is what all good shepherds do for their flock. I am however amazed at verse 4; it is there that we see that indeed God has given each one of us an independent will. And that is what life is really about. Verses 2 and 3, it is the Lord leading this sheep, and then in 4 it wanders off on its own. Now because it has left its shepherd somewhere, it then finds itself in the shadow of the valley of death. Yes, the Shepherd never leads His sheep into or through the shadow of the valley of death, however, He is always with them when they do. Good Shepherd indeed.

So, in one of those wanders off, this sheep finds so many things that could potentially kill it. Here is the Shepherd leading it to green pastures, but the wanderer off is very likely to settle for poisonous mushrooms because they look as juicy as some of the pastures the Shepherd has led her to before. Well, let’s say I am that sheep that at some point wandered off, ate a poisonous mushroom, and the Good Shepherd came right on time before it could kill me.

There are so many kinds of poisonous mushrooms. Anything that seems so pleasant to the eye, yet not what God wills for you to settle for is a poisonous mushroom and can potentially kill you. It may not be physical death, but it will kill your potential, your drive, your dreams, your calling and sometimes even your spirit. It will obstruct you from the green pastures that God prepared ahead for you. Well, I have had my own share of poisonous mushrooms, but what really pushed me to write this was that I almost ate another poisonous mushroom of love just a few months after the other that almost ‘killed’ me. I am happy to know that I realized it for what it really was and dropped it immediately. I pray the Lord will open your eyes that you will discern those beautiful-to-behold poisonous things from the green pastures that the Lord is leading you to. Remember, each time you leave His lead, you are very likely to end up in the valley of the shadow of death, and mehn, it is scary there!





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