Lost. Lost? No… None of the above.

"Ah, just when I thought I was done with this," he sighed silently, "she appears in my dreams!" He couldn't narrate the dream all too well, all he remembers she was there, and he was happy. On waking up, it was like the dream had been extrapolated into reality, they had a better day... they [...]



"Is this really happening to us?" he silently asked himself. He could not believe what was once a continuous conversation is no more He had just checked, she was on line, but the last message was a 'thank you' in the morning after he had wished her a lovely day. During their honey days, she [...]


It all happened so fast! How could it all happen in just 36hours? They were all happy about having each other in their lives. He looked up to her. He still does. And then they got so fond of each other, so fast that there was need for intervention. Yea, it was the right thing [...]