Stop running 

Last evening an old friend of mine called me, I saw his call and deliberately missed it. This is not an ordinary friend, he is one person who the Lord used to speak into my life for several years, but then there was a shift, so we parted ways. I however still hold him in [...]


With knowledge comes responsibility 

You have been a Christian all this while, you have listened to sermons by some of the best preachers and teachers of our day. You have gone ahead and done personal Bible Study, and now you have a whole collection of journals/notebooks on your shelf that you proudly dust every now and then. However, you [...]

Christmas in Solitude 

"Christmas in solitude? What on earth is that?" asked one of my girls, rolling her eyes 🙄 "It's exactly that," I smiled back. I knew no one was going to understand that I had chosen to spend Christmas all by myself, but that was okay. I was determined to be Deliberately Selfish after reading that great [...]