How I gave my would-be husband away – 4

My fear was, what if I told her and word got out there, either or both Tony and I would lose our jobs. When I told Tony that, he said if we decide to do this, then we choose who resigns. I remember him assuring me that he would not let me leave my job [...]


How I gave my would-be husband away – 3

It was a Friday when Angela met Tony. She had returned from the field earlier than usual, so she passed by office to do some work. Her schedule always was; leave either Sunday evening or Monday morning and return Friday, mostly evening. Now, because she had encouraged me to apply for the post, naturally I [...]


How you know I have just learnt something, I will use it all the time. I remember when Sai taught me #nkt, I just couldn’t wait for the opportunity to use it because it had boggled my mind for quite some time. Have I even ever used it? If I have, it wasn’t on text, [...]