Of poisonous mushrooms

  I love Psalm 23 so much, I have always loved it. First it was because it was the first complete chapter I ever memorized way back in Sunday school, then as I grew up in the Lord the revelation kept on becoming deeper and better, and today, I just love Psalm 23 and I [...]



It is exactly a month today since I re-met my friend, a moody man. Re-met because we had met way before, became very good friends, best of friends in fact, and then broke up. Yeah, even friends break up, and I think it is even worse than the other break up y'all know. We also [...]

Just let me cry – Hilary Weeks; the song I can listen to any time anywhere

My first encounter with this song was in 2013. My then-husband and I watched a beautiful movie, but what caught my attention the most was the soundtrack “If I only had today – Hilary Weeks.” It was so beautiful that I determined to get it the next day in office, and get it I did. [...]