It was love

It was love that brought Jesus down to the earth, leaving all His glory above. It was love that caused Jesus to identify with man, taking on the nature of sinful man yet He was without sin. It was love that caused Jesus to be born in a manger yet His Father owns the whole [...]


How I gave my would-be husband away – 2

Well, I guess that realization came a little too late. My guard had been let down and Tony had found his way in. See, all it takes is a gift and consistency for one to get into my heart. Now it seemed like this guy had gotten notes on me before joining our company. Okay, [...]

Just let me cry – Hilary Weeks; the song I can listen to any time anywhere

My first encounter with this song was in 2013. My then-husband and I watched a beautiful movie, but what caught my attention the most was the soundtrack “If I only had today – Hilary Weeks.” It was so beautiful that I determined to get it the next day in office, and get it I did. [...]