Every time is ‘pray’ time

When things are moving on well, pray. Pray to give thanks to God. Pray to praise Him for all He has done. When things are not moving well, pray. Pray that the Lord will strengthen you to go through it. Pray that things will get better soon.  No matter what the day or season is, [...]


Rely on the Holy Spirit 

There are days when you need to pray, but you just can't, not because you are 'prayerless', but because you don't know what to say in prayer. Each time you open your mouth to speak, the very words just bounce back at you. When faced with such situations, do not be dismayed. The Holy Spirit [...]

God can do way above your prayers 

Through all scripture we see that God's plans for us are bigger and better, however, because we are humans, our prayers/requests are limited. Being the loving and generous God He is, He answers way above what we asked. Just have faith in Him and His great plan for you. Now to Him to do immeasurably [...]